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Where do I begin, my journey here with Eat to The Beat has really been an amazing experience and I will always be grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me. It started back in 2019 where I began as just a temp on a University placement from Bournemouth. I have worked my way through the ranks, becoming an account manager in 2023. Here is how my journey began, up to the now and with everything in between.

Temp/Uni Placement

The year is 2019 and I am just nearing the end of my second year at Bournemouth University and I am looking for a company to join on a placement for the next academic year. It was a must as I could not go back to university to complete my final year without achieving the full term of my placement. Whilst on the hunt along popped an advert from Eat to The Beat. After doing some research on the company and getting a good eye for all the amazing events they have done over the years, I believed this would be an incredible opportunity to get my foot in the door in the events industry. During my time as a temp I was able to meet the whole team and get a real good insight of how they ran as a business. I was also given the chance to go and work on site at quite a few of their different events which I absolutely loved.


After finishing my degree in 2021 and with a lot of COVID-19 restrictions still in place across the world, my main and only thought was to return to the Eat to the Beat team. My time as a temp was enough to convince me that this was the company for me in the long term. Happy to have me back, I re-joined the business within the admin team. My long-term goal was to become an account manager as the team grew and my experience and knowledge grew. I hit the ground running and before I knew it the summer months were upon us. As anyone in the events industry knows, it can be the busiest period of the year and oh boy was it!


2022 began with a great opportunity to become a Crewing administrator which I didn’t want to turn down as it allowed me to have a strong purpose and responsibility within the team. I proved to everyone that I could be reliable and put myself into any environment and be successful. My day-to-day tasks consisted of getting crew booked on to events, issuing out crews purchase orders, completing wage schedules, getting new crew on to trial shifts and also being in constant contact with all the crew. Through this role I was able to develop good strong relationships with a lot of our crew which meant there were a lot of happy crew working with us …. I hope.

Account Manager

Now we move towards the back end of 2022, and I was presented an even bigger opportunity and could finally realise my ambition to become an Account Manager. To my absolute delight I secured the role and started a new chapter in my career with Eat to The Beat. A month in and I was getting stuck in, helping to organise Dancing on Ice which is an amazing intro to the role of Account Manager. I am very excited for the future here and can’t wait to see what other events I can get under my belt.


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