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SINCE 1984

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Eat to the Beat specialises in artist, production and crew catering for the music, entertainment, film & TV industries. From locations and worldwide music and production tours to one off shows and providing dressing room riders, our clients are rock stars, actors and bands who have all been enticed by our delicious food, friendly and professional approach and ultra-efficient logistics.


As a tour manager of globally known band, we have experienced ETTB's services firsthand. Their delectable cuisine coupled with their warm and professional demeanor makes every show a delight. On-the-go logistics could not be more seamless. They treat us like, well, rockstars but also took away the hassle around feeding a whole crew. I wholeheartedly recommend Eat to the Beat to anyone in the industry.

HPower Group had the honor of partnering with Eat to the Beat for the catering service during the an event of around 1000 guests. Their professionalism and quality of service were beyond our expectations. The food was exquisite, and their seamless coordination was impressive. A class act, all the way!

ETTB's catering service has been a game-changer for our team during our tours. They understand our varied dietary needs of our team and athletes and always deliver delicious food that feels like home, on time, with all the requirements from the team. The flexibility and readiness they bring to our ever-changing schedule is truly commendable.

As an event planner working in remote locations, having a caterer that is self-contained is a godsend. Eat to the Beat provided us with an excellent service during our last event. From prep to service, their mobile kitchen was fully equipped and even supplied their own power and water. Exceptional service in the most unlikely of places.

As the producer of a Saturday-Night-British Prime-Time TV Show, finding a reliable and high-quality catering service is essential. As ETTB has not only provided our cast and crew with a variety of fresh and delicious meals but also catered to all of our specific dietary needs. We couldn't be happier with their service. Heres to be best Chicken Curry we've ever tried!

As the festival director for a music event, feeding the crew and artists is always a challenge. Theres just such a HUGE team. We've worked with Eat to the Beat for years, as they have always taken this off my plate, whilst filling everyone else's. Their understanding of the differing needs between crew and artists was spot-on. Their hearty meals for our hard-working crew and lighter options for our performers were appreciated by all.

As a production manager who's often on the road, Eat to the Beat has been an invaluable resource. Their comforting, delicious food and friendly service truly make them feel like an extension of our team, not just another service provider

Merriweather has had the privilege of working with this amazing catering service since 2010. Whether it's for our in-house catering needs, corporate events, or artist and crew meals during our shows, they have consistently delivered high-quality food and service. The 29 shows they serviced in 2022 were nothing short of outstanding.



From worldwide music and production tours to one off shows and providing dressing room riders, our clients are rock stars, actors and bands who have all been enticed by our delicious food, friendly and professional approach and ultra-efficient logistics.


Our holistic approach to service has seen us deliver crew and artist catering to many iconic events throughout our 40 year history These include Live 8, HM The Queen’s Golden, Diamond and Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Commonwealth Games 2022 Closing Ceremony and most recently TM King Charles III and Queen Camilla’s Coronation.


When it comes to catering on tour, we very much see ourselves as providing a home from home on the road. We’re well versed in how to prepare food for very specific taste and diets. Working all over the world with athletes and artists who are at the top of their field ensures that we’re ready to deal with literally everything and anything. We’ve cooked food for people who are committed to super strict diets to those who don’t like furry fruits!


Our purpose-built mobile kitchens arrive onsite fully equipped to prep, cook and serve food for 10-1000 guests. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the remotest of locations, we are completely self-contained and can even supply our own power and water if required.


Some of our seasonal repeats include The Chase, RuPaul’s Drag Race, BBC Proms, Tipping Point, Britain’s Got Talent, and competitions like Dancing on Ice, Masked Singer, The Wheel and Masked Dancer.


Outdoor event catering requirements are often based on the demands of the task in hand. If you’re onsite working at a festival with crew who’re working long hours, doing a physically demanding job, then they are going to want more hearty, comfort type food. Whereas artists, who’re about to perform, will want lighter healthier options. It’s all about knowing and understanding who you’re preparing the food for.


We have delivered catering on-location and to high-profile studios for numerous production companies and TV shows. We can work from an onsite kitchen OR bring along our own kitchen trucks. The feedback the team receives from our clients is excellent, with comments ranging from how fresh and delicious the food is, to the variety of dishes on display and our ability to cater for all diets and tastes.


Production teams and crew are often away from home for long periods of time, moving from venues, cities and countries every other day. 

Our approach to service is holistic – delicious and nutritious food is a given – it’s comforting to see the same warm and friendly smiling faces who know they’ll find the biscuits next to the coffee machine rather than having to navigate a whole new set up every day. 

We see ourselves as an extension to our clients’ teams rather than an addition.


Our ability to deliver for major international events is unrivalled, our experience, expertise, relationships and reputation for successful delivery ensure that we are often the first point of contact when it comes to event catering and hospitality services.

We have a unique ability to travel to any far-flung destination, combatting logistical and cultural challenges along the way to deliver fantastic food and service, this sets us apart from our competitors. 


We have a long-term contract dating back to 2010 with US venue the Merriweather, located in Washington, Maryland. We exclusively deliver all catering for backstage artists, management and production crews and corporate and private events held within the venue. In 2022 we delivered 29 shows between May and October including Post Malone, Rod Stewart, Gorillas and Pet Shop Boys, serving almost 10,000 meals a day during their run of shows. We have 1500 sqft of warehousing space which we use to service US tours and events from. 

Global Infusion Group prioritises sustainability by sourcing seasonal, local ingredients, using reusable or biodegradable utensils and plates, and conserving energy and water through efficient appliances and techniques. Our efforts contribute to environmental responsibility and a healthier planet.

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